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Fox View Dental is a comprehensive restorative dental practice that focuses on digital dental technology and personalized patient care. Based in De Pere and serving patients throughout the Green Bay area, Dr. Chad Yenchesky and his team are trained in advanced dental treatments, including cosmetic, restorative, implant and sedation dentistry. They’re also known for providing premium comforts and delivering some of the nation’s best innovations in dental technology and preventative care.
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  • Foxview Dentistry Cosmetic
    If you feel like your smile is holding you back, Fox View Dental has a full range of grin-enhancing services that can help bring out your best. From basic teeth whitening to complete smile makeovers to porcelain veneers and all porcelain crowns—let us help design the perfect smile just for you.
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  • Foxview Dentistry Restorative
    If your teeth need some TLC, Fox View Dental has all the best tools for the job. From smaller fixes like inlays and onlays or crowns and bridges, to full mouth rehabilitation and TMJ treatments that integrate leading-edge MLS laser therapy—together we’ll get to the root of the problem and restore the health behind your smile.
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  • Foxview Dentistry Implant
    If you’re considering dental implants, Dr. Chad Yenchesky is here to share his knowledge. Fox View Dental offers advanced, 3D imaging through our in-house CBCT scanner to give you the best opportunity for successful treatment. Let us show you the difference the right technology and training can make.
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  • Foxview Dentistry Sedation
    If you’re looking for a more comfortable experience, Fox View Dental provides safe alternatives like oral conscious sedation that can help take the worry out of dentistry and make the most efficient use of your time. We’ll explore all of your options together and find a treatment solution that’s right for you.
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Our Team

Fox View Dental

We’re Not Your Typical Dental Practice. We’re Like Your Extended Family.

Dr. Yenchesky and Family | Fox View DentalAt Fox View Dental, we’re on a mission to make you smile—and not just for the sake of your teeth but because you love coming to visit us, too!

Some teams claim to be closely knit, but few can rival the chemistry and continuity that our group brings to the chair. We believe it’s because we all share the same philosophy when it comes to caring for our patients and our practice: We always go the extra mile.

Our Mission

At Fox View Dental, we inspire a lifetime of dental health by practicing family-oriented dentistry. We use advanced technology and our long tradition of excellence to provide outstanding care to both our new and our established patients. 

From the very first phone call to the second you arrive, all the way through to the minute you leave, and until the next time you walk through the Fox View Dental doors—our team is here to support you every step of the way. Ask any of our patients and they will agree: at our practice, it feels more like family.

Dr. Chad Yenchesky

 Dr. Chad Yenchesky
Dr. Chad is no ordinary dentist.He’s an extraordinary dentist!As the owner of Fox View Dental, Dr. Chad Yenchesky—or Dr. Chad, ...Read More

Meet Our Team

Support Team

We treat you like one of our own.

At Fox View Dental, you’re part of the family—and we want you to act like it! 

We want you to gossip with our hygienists and giggle hysterically together about the latest YouTube video you saw. We want you to confide in Dr. Chad about your worries and fears. We want you to share your biggest milestones, your fondest memories, your greatest adventures, and your latest photos—and we promise to do the same.

Here’s a quick look inside our Fox View Dental family photo album:

Dana Paler - Director of Patient Relations

 Dana Paler
  • 17 years in Customer Service & Relations
  • Specializes in patient satisfaction from day one
  • Avid traveler, camping around WI and home state of the U.P. of MI, DIY guru and wanna-to-be chef! 

"I am committed to maintain our long tradition of excellence to provide outstanding care to both our new and our established patients. "

Casey Schlotthauer - Patient Care Coordinator

 Casey Schlotthauer
  • 9 years of outstanding Customer Service 
  • Specializes in making patients feel like they are a part of our Fox View Dental family
  • Loves hunting and fishing with family and dogs up north 

" I love to see our patients smile; because I know how much heart and passion go into each appointment here at Fox View Dental.”

Brenda Cichanofsky - Hygienist

 Brenda Cichanofsky
  • Fox View Family since 1991
  • 27 years in dentistry
  • Specializes in personalized patient care
  • Loves golfing and spending time up north

“What I love most about my job is the chance to have a positive impact on someone’s life – whether it’s helping them improve their dental habits or sharing the moment they see their new smile for the first time.”

Lisa Collins - Assistant

 Lisa Collins
  • Fox View Family since 1983
  • 35 years in dentistry
  • Specializes in patient smiles
  • Loves reading, camping, gardening, watching movies, and making handmade greeting cards

“I believe a smile is the prettiest thing you will ever wear, and our team can help you keep your smile looking beautiful both inside and out.”

Rachel Tess - Assistant

 Rachel Tess
  • Fox View Family since 2014
  • 10 years in dentistry
  • Specializes in building relationships
  • Loves going up north, fishing, gardening, playing softball, and watching the Packers

“It’s great to be part of such a talented and driven team. Everyone here works incredibly hard, but we always make a point to laugh and have fun in the process.”

Lorie Kiley - Hygienist

 Lorie Kiley
  • Fox View Family since 2001
  • 20 years in dentistry
  • Specializes in patient comfort
  • Loves spending time outdoors and up north

“I have truly enjoyed being a part of this office. The people I work with are the BEST at what they do and strive to treat people with kindness and respect.”

Chloe Milakovich - Hygienist

 Chloe Milakovich
  • Fox View Family Since 2015
  • 18 years in dentistry
  • Specializes in quality care
  • Loves going up north and spending time outdoors

“I think it’s incredible to see the personal pride and joy that everyone here takes in the jobs that they do. Perfectionism is certainly a theme around here.”