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Use it or lose it! Insurance benefits!

Pen and Paper | Dentist in De Pere

We hope you are enjoying the bright colors and cooler weather of fall!  

We wanted to send out a friendly reminder to maximize your insurance benefit and flexible spending for 2018, as the year is quickly coming to a close.  If you have not used your dental benefit or health savings account, now is a good time to schedule an appointment.  We try to accommodate every patient with expiring insurance benefits, but inevitably our schedule fills up quickly as the end of the year approaches.  

What to Know About Insurance 

The way that dental insurance and flexible spending accounts typically work is that you are allowed a certain dollar amount of benefits each ...

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Changing Your Smile Can Change Your Life

Cosmetic Dentist in Green Bay | Dr. Chad Yenchesky

A smile is one of the top traits people notice about you. Most of us are not born with a perfect smile but what you may not realize is the appearance and health of your teeth can have a significant impact on your health, social and professional life.

Good Housekeeping magazine featured Dr. Chad for the life-changing dentistry he provides patient in the greater Green Bay and De Pere area. Dr. Chad has built his practice on the desire to provide the best dentistry has to offer, from routine hygiene visits to the most complex smile makeovers and restorations.

"The ability to change someone's life so drastically is what hooked me. To ...

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Problems Caused By Wisdom Teeth You Shouldn't Ignore

Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Green Bay

Most people in their late teens and early twenties get wisdom teeth. These are a third set of molars at the very back of the mouth. Since our diets have evolved quite a bit from the time of the caveman, we no longer need those teeth to chew. Consequently, wisdom teeth tend to be more of a nuisance than anything else.

If you are a young adult who has noticed a new set of teeth in the back of your mouth, or if you are feeling pain because the molars are there but not erupting properly, it’s a good idea to see your general dentist in De Pere to find out ...

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Fox View Dental History

Cosmetic & Family Dentist in Green Bay | Your Green Bay Smile Maker

Making Green Bay Smile Since 1954!

Fox View Dental is proud of its family legacy and local roots in Ledgeview and De Pere.

In fact, Dr. Chad’s connection dates back to boyhood when he visited the practice regularly as a child. We even have team members who are third- and fourth-generation patients! We think it speaks volumes about our values and character. 

Here’s an overview of the Fox View Dental story:

dentist de pere wi | green bay
Actual Patient Smile
  • 1954:  Dr. Ambrose Sterr begins the practice as “Sterr, DDS S.C.”
  • 1972:  Dr. Gary Tielens joins the practice as “Sterr & Tielens, DDS S.C.”
  • 1974:  Dr. Chad Yenchesky ...

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Looking After Your Oral Health with Advanced Technologies

Fox View's Dental Oral Care Team | Dentist in De Pere

We pride ourselves on providing the very highest standard of friendly and personalized dental care, and we absolutely believe in using the newest technologies to the full. 

These advanced technologies help us deliver even better patient-oriented care, so that you can receive faster, more comfortable and more accurate diagnoses. 

During your visit you will likely meet Lisa, our highly experienced clinical assistant, as she is often found operating this technology alongside Dr. Chad. Here is a quick overview of some of the technology you may experience, a little about how each works, and how we’re leading the way in providing advanced dental care in the De Pere and Green Bay area.

Intra-Oral ...

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Fox View Dental Proud to Support the Diamond and Denim Event for Project RedBird

Project Redbird | Dentist Green Bay

As Green Bay’s Smile Maker, Dr. Chad and the team at Fox View Dental were once again thrilled to support the Diamonds & Denim Event for another year. The 5th annual event raised funds for Project Redbird, Dr. Chad’s De Pere alma mater high school. Project Redbird began four years ago and aims to upgrade technology and to improve the outdoor athletics facilities of local area schools. 

Investing in Our Children’s Futures

As a health professional, Dr. Chad is committed to his local community and is a dedicated supporter of many De Pere events. He is a former Redbird football and track and field star, and Project Redbird is a ...

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What Causes a Tooth to Die?

Dental Office | Top Dentist in De Pere WI

If you have a tooth that is dying, you will more than likely have some warning signs. The sooner you get treatment for it from your dentist in De Pere, the better your chances of saving the tooth.

Symptoms of a Dying Tooth

The first symptom that usually appears is sudden sensitivity to heat or cold. This often starts to happen when a tooth has become fractured, a condition that is more common than people think. Often people are unaware that a tooth has become fractured because it can occur over time and sensitivity initially starts out mild.

Other signs that could indicate a tooth is dying include pain while chewing. This can ...

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