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3 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are Our Favorite Tooth Replacement Option

Dental Implants in De Pere WI

If you are dealing with missing teeth, you have probably considered tooth replacement options. It is essential to deal with missing teeth—and not just because of aesthetics. If you have even one missing tooth, the rest of your teeth can start to shift, causing a host of other problems—including the loss of even more teeth.

Talk to your Green Bay, WI dentist about dental implants to replace your missing teeth. Here are three reasons why dental implants are your best tooth replacement option.

#1—Dental Implants Are Most Like Your Natural Teeth

Because dental implants are placed in the jawbone, they are a solid attachment. Dental implants are made out of titanium, which ...

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Reasons to Pursue Dental Implant for Green Bay with Fox View Dental

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Statistics show that the majority of American adults are missing at least one tooth. If you’re among that majority, consider the modern solution of dental implants. The Green Bay area boasts numerous dentists, but only a handful with the training and implant expertise possessed by Dr. Yenchesky. That’s why Fox View Dental has become a patient favorite for receiving high-quality dental care. You can have complete confidence in your dental implants for multiple reasons, including:

  • Dr. Yenchesky has completed the rigorous, 10-month implantology training course by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, along with numerous other continuing education courses.
  • He utilizes the most advanced technology with CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) imagery that provides him ...

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Dental Implants Benefit Green Bay Residents – How?

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Is anyone who has lost a tooth an immediate candidate for implant surgery? Dental implants offer Green Bay residents a spectacular alternative to perhaps more traditional methods being used, but are they right for you?

Dentures and bridges serve a useful purpose but fall short on several counts. Unable to replace the lost root system, they merely sit above the surface while tissue and bone beneath begin to “melt away” as a consequence of disuse. This manifests itself by “shrinking” gum ridges that no longer remain flush with the bottom of your bridge, or dentures that won’t stay securely seated.

When the inevitable shrinkage occurs, bacteria or food particles can become trapped ...

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Implant Dentist for Green Bay Uses Only the Best

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Using a butter knife to tighten a screw works…sort of. Dr. Yenchesky, a qualified implant dentist for Green Bay and area, doesn’t believe in “sort of” though when it comes to dentistry. He only invests in the best, the best education and the best that technology has to offer. Why?

Your time is precious. You don’t want the extra hassle of referrals and consults with multiple doctors all in an effort to coordinate your dental implant surgery. Today though, this is the situation in the majority of dental clinics. In order to qualify to do actual implant placement surgery, a dentist is required to commit to a labor-intensive, hands-on, continuing education course ...

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Get It All with Dental Implants!

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Unhappy with your smile or worried about the damages a missing tooth will cause? Fox View Dental offers restoration of the incredible alternative of dental implants to Green Bay area residents, and soon Dr. Chad will be placing them as well! Just decades ago the very idea of dental implants would have seemed a fantastic dream, while the sobering alternatives of “dentures” or “bridges” remained your only dental options.

As of December 2011, utilizing modern technology and specialized training, Dr. Yenchesky will able to provide superior dental implants that not only retain strength and durability but are artistically designed to match your natural teeth! An active participant in the renowned AAID Maxi-Course ...

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Dental Implants in Green Bay

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If you have missing teeth, you understand how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be. Not only are missing teeth unsightly, they can also impact the functionality of your mouth and overall well-being. There are several options available for tooth replacement, but in comparison to the natural beauty and function of the teeth you were born with, none come quite as close as dental implants by a Green Bay dentist.

Dental Implants Explained

Dental implants mimic the natural appearance and structure of real teeth. First, your implant dentist will surgically place an implant screw directly into the jawbone where the two will fuse through a process called osseointegration, which will be a ...

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