Botox Treatment in Green Bay

Should you Trust your Dentist to Administer Botox? Yes! 

Botox has been popular for many years as a treatment for smoothing fine lines and tightening of collagen. You may even be a regular Botox user. If so, who’s been doing your treatment, and have you considered visiting our dental office? Botox is just one of the many services offered here at Fox View Dental, and that is an excellent reason why you should consider choosing a dentist for treatment.

Dentists Are Experts in Facial AnatomyBotox Treatment in Green Bay

Dr. Chad has an extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy because as a dentist, he is specially trained in the maxillofacial and oral areas, which are the areas from your forehead to your chin. His deep understanding of the facial structure, muscles, and nerves means Dr. Chad is uniquely suited for providing customized Botox treatment in comparison to any other practitioner because he knows exactly how each muscle works, he can ensure the precise amount of Botox is administered in just the right location to achieve the desired effect, regardless of whether treatment is aesthetically or medically oriented.

Dr. Chad completed his training through the American Association of Facial Esthetics (AAFE). The AAFE is well known for hands-on training of both Botox and dermal fillers. Training includes extensive information on precautions, protocols, treatments and drafting up the ideal facial rejuvenation plan for different types of patients.

Using Botox to Create a Naturally Refreshed Appearance

One of the most well-known uses for Botox is as a wrinkle reducing treatment. When used appropriately, Botox can relax muscle contractions, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, mouth and in the forehead. It is especially useful in treating pesky fine lines that have only recently made their debut 

One concern often voiced by people considering Botox, is whether the outcome will look natural. Dr. Chad will administer personalized amounts of Botox to achieve an outcome that is naturally attractive for your desired results. You will still be able to smile and express emotions, while your appearance will look refreshed. Botox is often the perfect finishing touch to a smile makeover.

Botox Treatment in Green Bay

Relieving the Pain of TMJ

Did you know Botox is also very useful for temporomandibular joint pain and disorders? Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ for short, causes overactive jaw and facial muscles to clench, creating pain and inflammation in the jaw joints. Dr. Chad can administer Botox to help relieve tension in these overactive muscles, helping them to relax and reducing the pain in your jaw joints.

In the end, it’s much easier to say you are attending a “dental appointment” than explaining you have a cosmetic appointment at your plastic surgeon’s office Plus, at $10 per unit, Fox View Dental offers Botox at a pleasing price. If you’re a regular visitor to Fox View Dental, then you’ll already know that Dr. Chad is a highly experienced, skilled, and well-respected dentist who is passionate about the care his patients receive. 

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Botox Treatment With Your Green Bay Dentist

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