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Chipped or Broken Tooth Stressing You Out? We’re Here to Help

A chipped or broken tooth is the kind of accident that can happen to anyone, and the damage is often very upsetting. But, if it happens to you then don’t worry, because Dr. Chad has the skills to ensure your tooth will soon look amazing. Dr. Chad is known as Green Bay’s Smile Maker for an excellent reason and will ensure your smile is as good as new, or even more beautiful than before. Dr. Chad dedicates an enormous amount of time to professional development and advanced training each year and is renowned for his cosmetic and restorative dentistry skills. What’s more, he is a faculty member of the prominent ...

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3 Items You Might Be Packing for Your Child's Summer Camp Lunch That Are Harming Their Teeth

Kid's Dentist in De Pere

Packing lunch for your kids to take along to summer camp is crucial if they are going to maintain their energy for activities all day. But are you packing items that promote good dental health at the same time?

Here are some pitfalls and recommendations from your kid’s dentist in Green Bay Dr. Chad Yenchensky.


The bad news about beverages for your child is that the only two that promote good oral health are milk (plain, not chocolate) and water. Even juices that are 100 percent fruit juice contain plenty of sugar and acid, which can wreak havoc on teeth.

Smoothies you purchase already made can also be loaded with sugar, so be ...

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Truth or Old Wives’ Tale? Debunking Dental Home Remedies

Dentist in Green Bay

News travels fast in today’s digitally connected world, and that includes good information along with the bad. The dental industry is not immune to the spread of misinformation.

If you hear something that you are not sure is a dental myth or not, be sure to ask your De Pere top dentist, Dr. Chad Yenchensky. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the more popular myths we are debunking in this article.

Charcoal Toothpaste

If you spend any time on the computer, you are probably familiar with “clickbait” images that try to get you to click on a particular article. A popular image is one of a person with blackened teeth, which they ...

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Does Switching from Soda to Sparkling Water Make a Difference in Your Oral Health?

If you have swapped out your soda habit to embrace the sparkling water craze, you might think you have nothing to worry about regarding your oral health. In fact, you may have proudly made this announcement the last time you were visiting your dentist in Green Bay.

Certainly, sparkling water, which contains none of the sugar that soda does, is better for your health. But is it good for your teeth?

Is Sparkling Water 100 Percent “Guilt-Free”?

As with most things in life, the key to enjoying sparkling water is to do so in moderation. If you overdrink carbonated beverages, you might experience some bloating and gas.

There is another ingredient in carbonated water ...

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Fox View Dental History

Cosmetic & Family Dentist in Green Bay | Your Green Bay Smile Maker

Making Green Bay Smile Since 1954!

Fox View Dental is proud of its family legacy and local roots in Ledgeview and De Pere.

In fact, Dr. Chad’s connection dates back to boyhood when he visited the practice regularly as a child. We even have team members who are third- and fourth-generation patients! We think it speaks volumes about our values and character. 

Here’s an overview of the Fox View Dental story:

dentist de pere wi | green bay
Actual Patient Smile
  • 1954:  Dr. Ambrose Sterr begins the practice as “Sterr, DDS S.C.”
  • 1972:  Dr. Gary Tielens joins the practice as “Sterr & Tielens, DDS S.C.”
  • 1974:  Dr. Chad Yenchesky ...

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Ready to Improve Your Dental Health? We're Here for You

Dentists Smiling with Arms Crossed | Top Dentist in De Pere

Has it been a while since you’ve been to the dentist for a routine examination and cleaning? Is it because you are anxious about seeing the dentist? People often put off dental care because they are too stressed to pick up the phone and make the appointment, let alone actually coming into the office.

We are here to tell you that you are not alone. Plenty of our patients suffer from dental anxiety—and would prefer to do almost anything rather than walk through our doors. At FoxView Dental, we specialize in calming anxious patients, and Dr. Chad is pleased to offer sedation dentistry to his patients in Green Bay.

Why It ...

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Looking After Your Oral Health with Advanced Technologies

Fox View's Dental Oral Care Team | Dentist in De Pere

We pride ourselves on providing the very highest standard of friendly and personalized dental care, and we absolutely believe in using the newest technologies to the full. 

These advanced technologies help us deliver even better patient-oriented care, so that you can receive faster, more comfortable and more accurate diagnoses. 

During your visit you will likely meet Lisa, our highly experienced clinical assistant, as she is often found operating this technology alongside Dr. Chad. Here is a quick overview of some of the technology you may experience, a little about how each works, and how we’re leading the way in providing advanced dental care in the De Pere and Green Bay area.

Intra-Oral ...

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