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3rd Annual Green Bay Packers Family Night Tickets Giveaway!

3rd annual giveaway for Green Bay Packers Family Night tickets! The drawing will be Monday, July 29th for the game on Thursday, August 2nd.

Packers Family Night is scheduled for August 2, 2019. In order for the team to accomplish its preparation goals and introducing the 2019 Green Bay Packers for the regular season, They created this Full practice event for the community - running on for the 19th year! With a family-focus for the evening featuring a game-like atmosphere, Family Night is a part of the Back to Football campaign, presented by Bellin Health. The evening activities include video boards featuring promotions, Packer jersey giveaways, game day music, fireworks and Laser Show ...

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Get a Better Smile with Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in De Pere

Missing, cracked, or decaying teeth can affect your life in many ways. Not only is your appearance altered, but you may also experience difficulties eating certain foods or speaking normally. Green Bay dentist Dr. Chad can help improve your smile and your quality of life with dental crowns. 

How Dental Crowns Are Used

Dental crowns are custom-made “caps” that cover your natural tooth to stabilize and protect it. Crowns are also used as the top part of dental implants and can be replaced if damaged or chipped through wear and tear. They are commonly used to cover your natural tooth to protect and strengthen it. 

Key Benefits of Dental Crowns

There are many ...

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Customize Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

lady smiling | Cosmetic Dentist De Pere WI

Beauty standards can differ all over the world, but the one constant is a gorgeous smile. Everyone can admire straight, evenly spaced, white teeth in any culture. If your smile is less than perfect, you can improve it through Smile Design. Our patients in Green Bay, WI have walked away with the smile of their dreams.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry involves more than just oral hygiene and maintenance; it focuses on the aesthetics of your smile and how your teeth are shaped. FoxView Dental offers an amazing beauty makeover called Smile Design. Through this service, you can create a customized, comprehensive treatment plan that upgrades your pearly whites. You ...

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Nervousness towards the Dentist is normal.

Friendly Dental Office in Green Bay

If you ever get nervous just thinking about going to the dentist, fear of the possibility of pain, side effects of the local anesthetic injections or haven’t been to a dentist in a while and not sure what the dentist may diagnose- You are not alone. Recent survey findings educate us more than 60% of people are suffering from dental fear. 

Fox View Dental acknowledges that your fears are real, and we will make sure your dental and emotional health are taken care of. From the moment you enter our calm and comforting environment; each ...

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Why It Makes Sense to Get BOTOX® at the Dentist

BOTOX Dentist in De Pere WI

When most people make an appointment with their dentist, they do so for their biannual checkup and cleaning. But now it’s becoming more and more common to make an appointment for a touch-up BOTOX® treatment to reduce wrinkles and laugh lines.

Given the training dentists receive in school and the focus on oral and facial structure, it makes sense that dentists would provide patients with BOTOX® treatment. Here are some reasons you should take advantage of Dr. Chad Yenchensky’s training to get your BOTOX® treatment at our Green Bay, WI dental clinic.

Maintenance Schedule

Most BOTOX® treatments last for about six months. Since you are already visiting the dentist every six months for ...

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Your Common Questions About BOTOX® Answered

BOTOX dentist in greenbay

As we get older, our skin becomes dry and less elastic both because of the aging process as well as sun exposure. Wrinkles around our eyes, nose, and mouth are natural byproducts of these. But the good news is that you can minimize the appearance of wrinkles with Botox.

At our Green Bay, WI area dental practice, Dr. Chad Yenchensky can use BOTOX® injections to relax the muscles in these trouble spots, giving you are relaxed, refreshed appearance.

Here’s what you should know before getting your first treatment of this FDA-approved treatment.

What Is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is administered via an injection that relaxes the muscles. Frown lines and wrinkles that appear because of ...

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After Having Your Teeth Whitened—Here’s What Not to Do

Teeth Whitening Kit | Teeth Whitening in Green Bay

If you have had your teeth professionally whitened, you are probably excited about the dramatic change in your smile. Patients who have undergone cosmetic dentistry treatment at our DePere, WI dental practice such as teeth whitening always want to know how they can best protect their investment.

Here are three things you should avoid doing after you have had your teeth whitened.

Don’t Drink Red Wine

Don’t worry; we don’t mean you should never imbibe again if Cabernet or Shiraz happens to be your favorite beverage to have while relaxing. But because teeth tend to become somewhat dehydrated after the whitening process, they are particularly vulnerable to staining in the days following ...

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