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Rising Above Dentists in De Pere as a Crowd Favorite Among Patients

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Do you feel overwhelmed about having to search through the list of dentists in De Pere, in the hopes of somehow finding THE premier dentist who can provide compassionate, high quality dental care for you and your family? We’re happy to inform you that you can finally relax and smile, because your search has successfully brought you to THE elite dentist you are looking for — here at Fox View Dental.

Dr. Chad Yenchesky is an energetic dentist that puts his patients, their dental needs and preferences, and their comfort and peace of mind at the forefront. He is also diligent in keeping up-to-date with the latest in dental technologies and techniques, and employs his expertise ...

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Green Bay Area Dentist – Your Tongue and Good Oral Health

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Achieving sound oral health involves more than solely focusing on the teeth and gums. Another vital yet often overlooked area is the tongue. As your go-to Green Bay area dentist, Dr. Yenchesky shares some important thoughts on how to keep your tongue in tip-top shape.

  1. Tongues need to be cleaned: The same way dirt gets trapped in the fibers of a carpet, the grooves and tiny hairs on the back of the tongue harbor bacteria. If not cleaned properly, these bacteria can lead to chronic bad breath and other health issues. Studies show that there’s an oral systemic link between mouth bacteria and conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart attacks, and ...

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Green Bay Dentist – How to Protect Your Teeth Day & Night

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As with anything possessing real value, the attaining and protecting of good oral health and a dazzling smile requires both time and diligent effort. Green Bay area dentist Dr. Yenchesky offers the professional assistance your teeth count on for receiving that 24-7 protection.

Bi-annual check-ups and professional cleanings efficiently remove the unwanted build-up of bacteria on teeth, fortify gums and allow for early detection of abnormalities like oral cancer. As a former collegiate athlete and the preferred dental provider for the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Yenchesky also realizes that an active lifestyle, including playing high-impact sports, can also lead to damage or loss of teeth due to accident or injury.

That’s why he provides ...

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4 Vital Steps to Healthy Mouths – Dentist in De Pere

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What vitals habits should you cultivate to provide your teeth and gums with the best protection possible, and what role should your dentist in De Pere play? Dr. Yenchesky and Dr. Maraka at Fox View Dental encourage their patients to follow 4 basic steps.

  1. Habits in Eating:  A healthy, balanced diet is important. Avoid between-meal snacks that are high in sugar or are acidic, as they attack the enamel on the teeth and lead to tooth decay and gum disease
  2. Don’t Forget Brushing: Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, particularly before you go to bed. Use products approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) and replace your toothbrush regularly.
  3. Clean Between Teeth: ...

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4 Ways to Return the Sass to Your Smile with Your Dentist in the Green Bay Area

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Are you suffering from a bad case of procrastination when it comes to scheduling regular dental check-ups? Your dentist in the Green Bay area is about to help tip the scales in favor of making that appointment sooner-rather-than-later!

Here are 4 reasons why preventive dentistry can result in less extensive—and less expensive—dental treatments for you and your family!

The Back-Up Brigade: Give yourself a pat on the back if you already brush and floss daily! These actions are keys to removing the thin film of bacterium continuously coating the exterior of your teeth. Such bacteria desperately hope you’ll miss even one spot within a 24-hour period, allowing them to harden and gain the power to ...

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Early Detection of Oral Cancer

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According to the NIDCR (National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research), approximately 35,000 Americans are diagnosed yearly with oral cancer. Your caring dentist for Green Bayresidents can help you with your fight against this form of largely preventable cancer, affecting any part of the mouth and/or throat.

Research shows that the majority of oral cancers are related to high alcohol consumption as well as all forms of tobacco use, or the combination of the two. Yet approximately 1 in 4 oral cancer patients have no known risk factors. How can dentists such as Dr. Yenchesky and Dr. Maraka from Fox View Dental help? By scheduling regular dental check-ups and teeth cleaning, on an average ...

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Family Dentistry Near Green Bay – Fox View Dental

Family Dentistry Near Green Bay

Each member of the family is unique, yet all have the same basic needs and desires. This is true in caring for oral health. Family dentistry for Green Bay area residents is compassionately provided by Dr. Yenchesky from Fox View Dental. Various factors can affect the dental needs of each individual in the family including age, accidents, personal preferences and overall health. Yet, everyone desires to have a caring, highly skilled professional who uses the latest dental technologies to provide the least invasive procedure that is safe and effective.

At Fox View Dental, family dentistry addresses the oral needs of every patient by providing services that include: professional cleanings and check-ups, tooth extraction, metal ...

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