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What can I expect if I need an occlusal guard?

Toy Teeth | Top Dentist 54115 An occlusal is typically prescribed for the function and protection of your bite and jaw joints. It is a specialized treatment that must be customized per individual and requires at least 3 appointments. During your first appointment, we will request at least 1 hour of time. The first visit is vital for treatment recommendations and is when your dental records will be taken. These records can include; x-rays, impressions of your teeth, photographs, and other digital imaging. On your second appointment, we will request at least a 20-30 minute visit which will be approximately 3 weeks after the first visit. During this visit you will be fitted with your oral appliance and Dr. Chad will thoroughly review your therapy.

Occlusal Guards in De Pere

After 3 weeks you will return to our office for your final appointment, which can take about 20-30 minutes. Your final appointment is your evaluation visit. Dr. Chad will review your progress and may need to take additional dental records to monitor your therapy’s success.

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