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Is teeth whitening safe?

If you're looking for a brighter smile, the good news is that teeth whitening in De Pere can be a quick and affordable solution that safely produces the results you want.

Modern dentistry has updated the process for teeth whitening over the years, and today it's a safe and effective process, especially when you work with your team at Fox View Dental throughout the process.

In the past, one of the side effects of bleaching your teeth was tooth sensitivity. Today's products have ingredients to reduce sensitivity. Using fluoride toothpaste or a mouth rinse recommended by Dr. Chad will also protect your teeth from sensitivity.

When you choose professional teeth whitening in Green Bay to brighten your smile, Dr. Chad makes custom whitening trays with impressions we take of your teeth. Custom trays ensure a snug fit that protects your gums from any excess gel that could escape and cause irritation.

Custom take-home trays also provide you with the freedom to touch-up your smile in the future anytime you like. You can always purchase additional tubes of bleaching gel from Fox View Dental.

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