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Your First Visit

Our Mission Is to Make You Smile!

We know your time is precious. So is your health.

That’s why your first visit with us is so comprehensive.

We take a thorough history, discuss any concerns, and run a complete set of diagnostic screenings to capture the most accurate picture of your current dental health. Our goal is to pinpoint any potential problems before they evolve into a dental emergency. 

We know that apprehension and anxiety are common for millions of Americans when it comes to dental care. We also know that having a good idea of what to expect can help mitigate that anxiety and help you feel better about your upcoming appointment. 

Here is an overview of what you can expect on your first visit to Fox View Dental:

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First, our treatment coordinator, Chloe, will be your go-to team member and take an initial history over the phone. She will also ask about any specific questions or concerns you may have and schedule a time for your first appointment.

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When you arrive for your first appointment, you will meet with Chloe in person to thoroughly review your dental and medical history, tour the office, and meet the support team that will be helping Dr. Chad with your exam and treatment.

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Next, Chloe will take digital photographs of your teeth with our wireless intra-oral camera; capture necessary x-ray images—including 3-D x-ray images with our CBCT scanner, if needed; and perform joint vibration analysis tracing to help Dr. Chad assess the overall health of your jaw joint.

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Then, Dr. Chad will conduct an extensive dental exam and screening to check for any specific issues or concerns, look for signs of periodontal disease, evaluate the health of your jaw joints (TMJ), and review the overall health and esthetics of your smile.

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After Dr. Chad is finished with the exam, he’ll sit down with you to discuss his findings and recommendations, review your comprehensive treatment options, and share any educational resources that might be helpful to you in making a decision about your course of treatment.

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At this time, Dr. Chad may also request additional bite records, impressions of your teeth, special imaging, and/or biofeedback analysis to help fine-tune the comprehensive treatment planning process and ensure the most successful possible treatment outcome for you.

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dentist de pere wi
Actual Patient Smile

Dr. Chad and his team will listen to your feedback, revisit any questions or concerns you may have, and work with you to finalize a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan for restoring the health and beauty of your smile.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

Fox View Dental is here to help! You can schedule your first visit by calling our De Pere, WI dental practice or sending us an email using our convenient online form, located on our contact page! 

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